GTTF Hits Esperance!

Hey crew!

So it has been a time since i last updated my bloggity blog, what with Christmas and new year and all the new 2020 shenanigans!

Speaking of, my show "Girls to the Front" has hit the dusty trail and I have taken the beautiful Tori Abbott and the lovely Plum Trees along with me for the ride! We have just finished our first tour gig at the wonderful Taylor St Quarters in Esperance! It is a gorgeous time of year to be on the beautiful southern coast of WA!!

Now let me tell you about this great venue!! Taylor st Q were not only incredibly friendly and accomodating to our needs, but they also provided the PA, gave each of us a delicious meal as well as drinks!! Needless to say, we were all STOKED!

Next stop on tour is The River pub, down in (you guessed it!) my gorgeous hometown of Margaret River!!! As you can imagine, I am frothing buckets for this one!!!!!

For now though, Its a long drive back to the big smoke at sparrows fart tomorrow, so i'm going to go and catch some Z's!

Catch ya on the flip my beautiful musical humans


J xx

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