Girls to the Front pre Tour show

Ronnie Nights, 75-77 Market St, Fremantle

Just before Jay takes this ramshackle group of inspiring women on the road, she thought what better way to say “love you Ptown, see ya in a bizzle”, than to throw a leaving show!

The Line-up is INCREDIBLE with special guests including Angie Colman, Alexis Naylor and Front-woman for Perth band 'Bass Lemon', Freddie Mai joining the ranks!

Grab your Tickets STAT for the last metro GTTF before the show goes trundling off to Regional WA!

January 15 at the beloved Ronnies, Jay will bring yet another awe inspiring show, full of lyrical beauty, whimsical life advice in the form of awkward banter and songs that are bound to both emotionally and physically move you.

You will not believe the talent in store for this one, it is set to kick off your 2020 In the best possible style!

Set Times TBA

Doors @630pm